Last year, I started the tradition of putting together a “ship” list. You can check out the 2015 version here.

In a nutshell, I’m borrowing a page from Seth Godin’s book to share with you my 2015 “Ship List”. The Ship List is anything that you “shipped out” over the course of the year (I’ve cheated a bit to include milestones in this one). Seth compiles his list every year and it’s a great tradition.

Below is my 2016 ship list which includes some personal and professional milestones. The process of compiling the list was actually quite interesting. It allowed me to take a moment and reflect about my year and scroll through my calendar. It’s helpful because it makes you appreciate how much you can accomplish in 365 days.


  • Began my new role as Marketing Manager at Actionable.
  • experiences the largest spike in visits with 293 unique visitors.
  • Actionable Team retreat in Toronto.
  • Volunteered for the Future Possibilities for Kids (FPK) program.
  • Started writing the first version of the “Weekly Learnings Roundup” which was originally called “Links of the Week”.


  • Spent a week with Carly’s family in beautiful Hermosa Beach, CA.


  • Took a cooking class with Carly at Dish Cooking Studio.
  • Completed Discovery Session tours in Ohio and Southwestern Ontario.


  • Completed a Discovery Session tour in Boston and New York City.
  • One-year anniversary of living in my own apartment.
  • Published my 50th blog post.
  • Participated in the Collision Conference (largest startup conference in North America) in New Orleans, LA. Learned more about what it means to compete and stay relevant in the startup world.
  • Completed the 7-month workout challenge in the Seven app.


  • Traveled to Las Vegas, NV for Actionable’s first Global Summit and team retreat. Groundwork gets laid for organizational priorities for the second half of the year.


  • Participated in a softball tournament with friends.
  • Picked up Carly’s kitten – Freddie! Who is now an integral part of our lives.
  • Consolidated my finances for greater efficiency using YNAB (You Need a Budget).


  • Attended Infusionsoft University in Toronto to deepen my skills with the software.


  • Spent a weekend camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park.


  • Booked a trip to Japan with Carly.


  • Celebrated my 30th birthday with Carly in Prince Edward County, ON.
  • Brought on Gina as our first “official” team member on the Discovery Session marketing team.


  • Joined the global Actionable team at the Kingsbridge Centre in King City, ON for our annual staff retreat. Amazed to see our team grow from 8 people to over 20.
  • Participated in the Axe Batizado and earned the second belt (azul) in capoeira after two years of training. Learned a variety of movements including being able to hold a handstand for at least three seconds.
  • Launched my new Daily Tracking tool to create greater awareness of my habits and routines.


  • Read my 26th book of the year surpassing my goal set to read 20 books by 30%.
  • Developed a Marketing Strategy for 2017.

(Bonus) 2016 Hustle Calendar


Here’s to making your 2017 another productive and meaningful year!