There’s only 6 hours until 2016!

I’m borrowing a page from Seth Godin’s book to share with you my 2015 “Ship List”. The Ship List is anything that you “shipped out” over the course of the year (I’ve cheated a bit to include milestones in this one). Seth compiles his list every year and it’s a great tradition.

Here is my 2015 ship list which includes some personal and professional milestones. The process of compiling the list was actually quite interesting. It allowed me to take a moment and reflect about my year and scroll through my calendar. It’s helpful because it makes you appreciate how much you can accomplish in 365 days.

Jan – Joined Actionable Books as Client Engagement Manager.
Mar – Completed the Art of Charm Rapport Program in Los Angeles.
Apr – Moved into an apartment to live on my own for the first time.
May – Attended the Less Doing Live Conference in New York City and implemented Less Doing methodologies to my day-to-day.
Jun – Created a Mastermind Blueprint and launched a 10-week Mastermind POD program with Actionable Consultants.
Oct – Oversaw the planning of the East Coast Tour for ACP recruitment.
Oct – Received my first capoeira belt.
Oct – Wrote and gave a speech on failure at my high school.
Dec – Oversaw the planning of the New York City Tour for ACP recruitment.
Dec – Celebrated the one-year anniversary with my girlfriend.
Dec – Published 30 new posts on my blog in 2015.

Here’s to making your 2016 a highly productive year!