Peter Nakamura

I’m a product strategist with 8+ years of experience working with innovative B2B companies. I provide consulting and facilitation services to help businesses like yours build delightful, user-centric products and services.

I’m a certified Design Sprint facilitator with AJ&Smart and graduated from the part-time HTML/CSS program with the Juno College of Technology.

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Interested in working together? Here are some ways I work with my clients:


Custom workshops (90 minutes to half day) to help your team tackle a product growth topic using design thinking principles.


Run a fast-paced facilitated sprint with your team to prototype and test your product with real customers in just 3-5 days.


Work with me to implement a strategy that aligns your sales, marketing, and product team for long-term product growth.


Checkout some of my free PDFs, videos and templates to help you with your product and customer discovery.

Slide Decks

Customer-Problem Fit

Template on Miro

The Lean Canvas 101

Canvas Breakdown

Example – Zero App

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