Focus on your product, not the process.

You have a great team and a great product, but you’re struggling to find product-market fit. Using customer-centric design thinking tools, we’ll help you prototype and test your ideas with real customers. Don’t worry about the how – let’s figure out the what your customers want and build it quickly.

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“Supposing is good,
but finding out is better.”
– Mark Twain

At PMN Design Lab, we help small businesses build and test product ideas and position them for long-term growth.

We use human-centred design thinking and innovative business frameworks to help you better understand your customer problems and align your team around a common vision.


Design Your Hypothesis


Building a new product or improving on an existing one requires us to re-imagine what’s possible. We use the Lean Canvas to map out the business model hypothesis that your product depends on to reach product-market fit and growth. We’ll start by better understanding the problem you’re solving, the customer segment that cares the most about the problem, and your unique value proposition. Afterwards, we’ll validate our initial hypothesis with real customers so we know we’re on the right track.

The Lean Canvas is essentially a one-page business plan. We’ll work through the elements one-by-one to ensure the entire team is on the same page.

The Design Sprint was first developed by Google Ventures in 2011. They’ve since been run at startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world – including Slack, Lufthansa, LEGO, The British Museum, and many others. We highly recommend Sprint by Jake Knapp as a pre-read prior to running a Sprint.


Prototype and Test


The Design Sprint is a process that will take you from idea to prototype. Unlike a typical build process which may take weeks or months, you’ll be getting your product off the ground and in the hands of prospective customers in just 5 days.

By the end of the sprint, your team will have a high-fidelity prototype, answers to your critical business questions, and clear alignment on what needs to happen next. It’s the best way out there to test your ideas. How cool is that?

Sprint Schedule

Week 1

Lean Canvas

We’ll kick off the process with a review of the Lean Canvas and how you’re product differentiates itself in the market. The questions we’ll ask here will be validated later in the process.

Week 2

Customer Research

Does your team have a good understanding of your “best-fit” customers? We’ll spend some time learning more about them and finding out how we can make your product a must-have.

Week 3

Design Sprint

This is the big one. It’s Design Sprint week! The rubber hits the road here as we build a prototype and test it with real customers.

Week 4

Iteration Sprint & Handoff

We’ll learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t work for your customers during the Sprint. Here’s our opportunity to make changes based on the feedback we received.


Position for Growth


Building and iterating on a product that customers love is just the start. To grow your business, you’ll need to bring the same experimenter’s mindset to your acquisition and retention strategies. In collaboration with your sales, marketing, and product teams, you’ll focus on what activities will drive sustainable growth.

A mixtape of the very best tools and resources from product development & marketing strategy.

What Clients Are Saying:

Samantha Wallace, Pointclickcare

“…having yet another approach such as a Design Thinking framework to lean on in my ‘toolbox’ will allow for even more innovation and creativity when solving complex problems.”

Heather Chavin, CEO, GoGoDone

“In one short hour, I was able to reframe all my obstacles into opportunities – reframed this way, next steps became crystal clear!”


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