A conversation with meditation teacher, Mary Meckley.

This conversation features Mary Meckley from Sip and Om. I was really happy and honoured to get Mary onto a call with me as she has been my meditation teacher for the last couple of years. I first started following Mary after we met at a productivity conference in New York City and learned about her Daily Meditation Podcast. Everyday she would record a brand new meditation to share with her listeners and her calm and soothing style of meditation really helped take my meditation habit to another level.

In this hour-long conversation, Mary and I talk about a variety of topics including how she got started with meditation, the benefits of meditation, recommendations for beginners, breakdown of various techniques, tips for consistency, and so much more. We even do an impromptu meditation from 41:00 to 44:45 into the conversation.

If you’re interested, Mary runs a membership community at Sip and Om with full guided meditations, monthly support calls, and a private Facebook for her meditation community. If you’re interested in meditating or are looking for support/help in improving your meditations, this might be a great resource. You can try a 2-week trial here. You can also access some of her free, unguided meditations on her Daily Meditation Podcast.

Connect with Mary:

Twitter: @SipandOm

Resources from the interview:

Daily Meditation Podcast
Sip and Om
Tulsi tea
Mate tea

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