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What I’m reading —

The Tail End by Tim Urban via Wait But Why

Believe it or not we’re at the tail end of many of the things that we cherish in our lives. If you’re 30 years or older, you’re likely in the last 5% of the total time you’ll be spending with your parents. Or if you’re in your 50s, you may only have a 7 to 10 more FIFA World Cups or presidential elections that you’ll see in your lifetime. Check out the article for some great visualization on your life and the precious time remaining for all of us. It motivates me to do more and serve others in a positive way.

Books, documentaries, or podcast episodes I’m enjoying —

Becoming an extraordinary leader | General McChrystal and Chris Fussell on shared consciousness, empowering employees, and building a cohesive team on The Tony Robbins Podcast

This is a great podcast episode for anyone who works on a team. General McChrystal explains how he had to make pivots in his military strategy to keep up with a highly flexible and agile enemy and compares it to the type of challenges today’s businesses face. The shift from command-and-control to a more relationship-based and empowered style of operations changed the game for the military at that time. General McChrystal provides his lessons on operating in an increasingly complex world.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

Just try to feel your own weight, in your own seat, in your own feet. Okay? So if you can feel that weight in your body, if you can come back into the most personal identification, a very personal identification, which is: I am. This is me now. Here I am, right now. This is me now. Then you don’t feel like you have to leave and be over there, or look over there. You don’t feel like you have to rush off and be somewhere.

— Bill Murray

an American actor, comedian, and writer

Productivity tip of the week —

Discover your sleep chronotype

I’ve been hearing a lot about Dr. Michael J. Breus’s book, The Power of When, as a helpful resource in understanding sleep and what your optimal sleep and waking hours look like. The free quiz above lets you learn which sleep chronotype you most align with broken into four types of animals – dolphin, lion, bear, and wolf. I ended up getting “bear” and it makes sense to me. My sleep cycles align closely with sunlight and my optimal work times tend to be in the morning between 9am to 11am. Knowing your sleep chronotype can help you identify your most productive hours and make sure they’re blocked off for the most important work (or the ONE thing!) that you need to get done that day.

Product or service I’m loving —

Hario Cafeor Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper

I’ve been using paper filters for my coffee brewing process for the last 3-4 months but I recently switched to this new dripper by Hario. And, I have to say, it’s made a huge difference in the quality and taste of the coffee. Paper filters used to absorb the valuable coffee oils but Hario’s meshed dripper lets all the oily goodness through. It also doesn’t require me to buy more paper filters which simplifies my coffee-making process and saves the environment. Definitely worth the investment if you’re brewing coffee with a dripper!

Featured image via Unsplash by Christina Gottardi.

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