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What I’m reading —

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons by Mark Manson

Incredible article on what makes a successful long-term relationship. The author had 1500 people send their advice from their successful and/or failed relationships and distills it into 13 rules. I highly recommend everyone read this.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

When we assume that everyone is a volunteer and that all power is transient, it’s easier to become the person we’re proud to be.

— Seth Godin

Productivity tip of the week —

Start a small morning routine for self care.

I’ve written about my morning routine in the past and it’s still the best investment of my time I make everyday. Sure, some parts have been changed or updated over the years, but finding that time in the morning for self care activities really makes a big impact on the rest of my day. If you don’t have a morning routine or would like to start one, try something very small first. Perhaps reading an inspiring book for 5-10 minutes? Perhaps closing your eyes and finding stillness for 5-10 minutes? Or perhaps it’s making coffee/tea at home and looking out your window for a few minutes? You get the point.

Product or service I’m loving —

Fitbit Charge (2)

I’ve had my Fitbit Charge for the past two years now and I’ve really enjoyed the product. I started off with their entry-level version – the Flex – three years ago and found the upgrade to a Charge worthwhile as it tracks your heart rate. The information that Fitbit collects on a daily basis (steps, resting heart rate, sleep efficiency) is something I review everyday and allows me to see trends on what I’m doing well or not doing well with my nutrition and exercise. While durability is still a concern with wearable devices (my original Charge lasted only a year) I find the cost is outweighed by the benefit I get. I’m still going strong with the replacement Charge I received last year but plan on upgrading to the Charge 2 at some point down the road.

Featured image via pixabay.

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