My Personal Goal Buckets for Year 30.

In an upcoming most, I’ll be sharing the process that I used to create my personal goals in my 30th year. But for now, below are my main goal “buckets” where my time this year will be focused on. More context to come!

Bucket 1: Develop better, tighter friendships.

Q1: Organize a Gentlemen’s Dinner two out of the three months of the quarter.

Bucket 2: Make all-around improvements in capoeira with a focus on strength and flexibility.

Q1: Attend two classes per week and incorporate a Saturday 1 p.m. class into my schedule.

Q1: Stretch 10 minutes each evening for 33% of the quarter.

Bucket 3: Deepen my relationship with Carly by being present with her and helping her achieve her goals.

Q1: Plan out the rest of our trip to Japan in March/April.

Q1: Enjoy and be present throughout the Japan Trip experience with Carly.

Bucket 4: Explore my psychology and address my emotional triggers.

Q1: Read Tim Laurence’s book on the Hoffman Process.

Q1: Begin to craft a “WHY” post for my blog outlining my mission statement.

Bucket 5: Help Actionable reach financial stability and deepen my impact on the organization and its people.

Bucket 6: Continue to save 15% of my income for future financial flexibility.

Q1: Structure my savings like this – 5% for retirement, 10% for down payment savings, and 5% for an emergency fund.

Bucket 7: Invest in my health by following the Bulletproof/Slow-Carb diet and make cooking fun by developing my culinary knowledge.

Q1: Schedule a consultation with a functional health practitioner.

Q1: Complete up to Lesson 12 in the DOM section in the 4-Hour Chef.

7 thoughts on “My Personal Goal Buckets for Year 30.

  1. Peter
    I love your work and commitment
    Thank you for sharing and if ever I can support you with your goals just let me know.

    Cheers Aileen

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