Thanks for checking out the Weekly Learning Roundup. These bite-sized, weekly posts are designed to give you a quick hit of interesting learnings and articles I came across this week.

It’s a motley assortment of tips, resources, and links that will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration for the upcoming week. Enjoy!

What I’m reading —

Mike Birbiglia’s 6 Tips for Making It Small in Hollywood. Or Anywhere.

Some sound advice from one of my favourite comedians. My most important takeaway? Just start. If you want to do something, get started – stop talking about it.

Books, documentaries, or podcast episodes I’m enjoying —

How to make the decision to do the impossible on The Tony Robbins Podcast

An inspiring conversation between Tony Robbins and Siri Lindley. Siri is a former professional athlete and 2-time triathlon world champion. Her story about becoming a triathlon athlete and overcoming failures is truly inspiring. Worth a listen if you’re looking for some motivation and what it means to be truly persistent with your dreams.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.

— Bruce Lee

Productivity tip of the week —

Using Gmail labels and filters

If you’re a Gmail user and aren’t using labels to help you automatically, you’re missing out on saving a lot of time. Filters allow you to set a “rule” with any incoming email and have them divert into a specific label or archive them automatically.

For example, I have emails that have the word “unsubscribe” in the email somewhere to skip my inbox and be sent to a label called “Optional”. Emails that have the word “unsubscribe” in them are typically marketing emails that aren’t urgent so having a filter to divert those emails from my main inbox is a huge time saver. Check out this Wikihow page to learn more about how to setup filters in your inbox.

Product or service I’m loving —

My girlfriend and I booked a roundtrip flight from Vancouver to Tokyo for only $722 each and was where we booked it from. It’s definitely one of the best flight aggregators available on the web and it’s also really easy to use. Highly recommend checking it out if you have any travel plans coming up.

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