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What I’m reading —

You Can Write Your Way Out of an Emotional Funk. Here’s How. by Susan David

This is a fantastic article on the power of writing and journaling. According to the article, numerous studies have shown that “applying words to emotions is a tremendously helpful way to deal with stress, anxiety, and loss.” Just taking 20-minutes everyday to journal can help overcome feelings of guilt, shame, confusion, and allow you to ‘step out’ of yourself and gain greater perspective.

Books, documentaries, or podcast episodes I’m enjoying —

The #1 secret to productivity on The Tony Robbins Podcast

If you’re a fan of Charles Duhigg’s work, you’ll enjoy this podcast. It provides some great examples and reminders on the cue-routine-reward loop and ways you can use it to your advantage. Duhigg also has a new book out called Smarter, Faster, Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business which I recommend checking out.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

Courage is facing a short term discomfort to gain long term peace.

— Lynne Namka

Product or service I’m loving —


I’ve mentioned RescueTime in a post called Five apps I use to stay focused and be more productive but I think it deserves further mentioning because it’s such a diverse tool that I haven’t even tapped into the full potential yet. In a nutshell, RescueTime keeps track of your daily activities and provides awareness-building insight on your productivity. Being more productive begins with having a better idea of where your time is going and RescueTime is one of the best tools out there to get you started. The free version tracks all computer-based activity but the paid version (around $10/month) gives you the ability to add offline time to give you further insight.

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