Thanks for checking out the Weekly Learning Roundup. These bite-sized, weekly posts are designed to give you a quick hit of interesting learnings and articles I came across this week.

It’s a motley assortment of tips, resources, and links that will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration for the upcoming week. Enjoy!

What I’m reading —

The 3 Ways Ego Will Derail Your Career Before It Really Begins by Ryan Holiday

A great reminder on the importance of keeping our egos in check whether you’re just starting out your career or firmly established in one. I particularly loved how Ryan highlights the importance of purpose over passion.

Documentary I’m enjoying —

Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru on Netflix

I’d always been interested in learning more about Tony Robbins and now there’s a way to get a good look at his flagship program – Date With Destiny – through this new documentary. It’s deeply emotional and satisfying. I watched it again immediately after I finished it.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

Thousands of engineers can design bridges, calculate strains and stresses, and draw up specifications for machines, but the great engineer is the man who can tell whether the bridge or the machine should be built at all, where is should be built, and when.

— Eugene G. Grace

Productivity tip of the week —

Prioritize exercise to get better sleep

I used to consider exercise a “bonus” during the week. If I got around to it, great. If not, that’s okay because I’ll catch up later. Now, my mindset is different. Exercise is an essential part of my weekly planning as I need it to be able to sleep better and as a consequence be more productive during the week.

Product I’m loving —

S’well Water Bottle

If you’re still using plastic water bottles, it may be time to switch. I’ve used my S’well water bottle for about a year now and loved its design and portability. Not to mention you avoid the potential negative effects of BPA and BPAF which companies still use to produce plastic bottles.

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