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What I’m reading —

The Pivotal Stories Every Startup Leader Should Be Able to Tell by First Round Review

Don Faul, a former Marine and former VP of Online Operations at Facebook, shares how stories impact the way leaders connect with their team members. Great tips on the key levers for good stories and the three types of stories that leaders should be thinking about. I was surprised at how much time leaders like Faul and Sheryl Sandberg spent crafting the stories they shared. Definitely a great read.

A podcast I’m enjoying —


Last week, I mentioned Revisionist History as a new podcast series from Malcolm Gladwell that I’m enjoying. This week, I’m adding Invisibilia from NPR’s Lulu Miller, Hanna Rosin, and Alix Spiegel to the list. This fantastic series (now in Season 2) covers the “invisible” things that influence many aspects of our lives. It’s well researched, entertaining, and you’ll definitely learn something new with every episode. A couple of episodes to check out from Season 2: Frame of Refrence and Flip the Script.

A quote that’s inspiring me —

Learning to write is learning to think. You don’t know anything clearly unless you can state it in writing.

— S.I. Hayakawa

Productivity tip of the week —

Use Skitch to markup screenshots, images, maps, etc. to send to friends and colleagues

If you’re a Mac user and you find yourself having to markup images a lot, Skitch will be your best friend. Much like how Microsoft Paint allows you to add arrows or words onto an image to point certain things out, Skitch does that… and way better. I recently did a tutorial with a few screenshots in my PowerPoint and I used Skitch to point out specific areas in my screenshots. It’s so easy and intuitive to use. If you use Evernote, it’ll beautifully integrate into your account as well.

App that I’m loving —


I’ve written about the Calm app a couple of times before on my blog including in my A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation. It’s my favourite meditation app on the market and they’ve continued to make improvements. I love their 7-Days and 21-Days of calm course along with their new Daily Calm program which features a new meditation everyday. Kudos to the Calm team for putting together this beautiful, intuitive app.

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