This week we’ve got articles around #Millennials and #EmployeeEngagement. As more millennials come into the workplace, the employee expectations from employers is changing. If you’re looking to keep your organization attractive to a new generation and provide them to opportunity to stay long-term, it’s worth checking the articles out below.


The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis (Gallup)

If you thought employee engagement in the US was bad, according to Gallup only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged. I think the biggest reason engagement numbers are so low is because Human Resources in most companies don’t have enough of a say at the executive table. If HR departments are given a bigger voice and a long-term vision for developing engagement (it’s not a flip of the switch), we’ll see better engagement levels.



College Grads Face Skills Gap in Workplace (Deloitte)


Source: Mind the gaps: The 2015 Deloitte Millennial survey by Deloitte Global

Leadership, sales & marketing, general business knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and financial skills are areas millennials express employers value/pay for but don’t feel like they are prepared for upon graduation. These are areas higher education can provide more support on for students.


Technology to drive Employee Engagement (Business Standard)


Majority of folks (77%) believe that annual performance reviews will yield to micro/instant feedback programs in the next 5 years. To bridge that gap, companies will need to invest in technology to support their employee engagement effort.


Advantages Millennials Have Over Baby Boomers (Business 2 Community)

Flatter hierarchy, tech savyness, better balance, focus on impact, and outside interests make millennials a different generation compared to the baby boomers. I don’t think it’s “better” but just different. Focusing on “advantages” takes away many of the virtues Boomers bring (e.g. loyalty and face-to-face communication skills) to the workplace.


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