Happy holidays everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your break and had an opportunity to recharge for the new year. Here are some of the top links that were shared this week:


What Facebook Knows About Engaging Millennial Employees (Harvard Business Review)

Great insights and anecdotes about how Facebook is engage their own millennial employees. Written by Lori Goler who is the Head of People at Facebook.


IDEO’s Employee Engagement Formula (Harvard Business Review)

Another great article about how a top design firm in the world – IDEO – and engage their employees. Permission to play; a common purpose, tailored; a social contract; and bottom-up innovation all contribute to keeping IDEO ahead of the curve.


Millennials have gotten royally screwed: That’s why they’re voting for Bernie Sanders (Salon)

Millennials have had it tougher than previous generations. The highest student debt, a poor economy, and a political system that doesn’t seem to be doing its job. It’s no wonder millennials are looking for alternatives like Sanders to “express” their frustration.


Beyond Satisfaction: On Engaging and Thriving as Leaders (globoforce)

The term “engagement” is still a pretty nebulous term. Catherine Flavin, Managing Partner at Thrive Leadership, gets that engagement is beyond just a level of satisfaction or “good vibes” people have at work. Recognizing and cultivating an engaged workforce means helping employees play to their strengths and achieve a state of “flow” in their day-to-day work.


Inside the editorial meeting: How Mic chooses the news for millennials (Digiday)

Surprisingly – it doesn’t seem much different from how they choose headlines and news from “traditional” media outlets. It’s a bit depressing actually.


The Best Business Articles of 2015 on Winning Customers (Gallup)

How do e-commerce businesses engage their customers online? With more shopping being done online, it’s important that e-commerce businesses keep up with customer engagement online as well as offline.

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