This week we’re back to our bread and butter of articles about millennials and employee engagement. I’m particularly interested in financial management for millennials so article #1 from the WSJ was right at the top. Whether you’re a millennial or not, there’s some interesting insights in how financial insights are being shared today. Enjoy!


Where Millennials Go for Financial Advice (Wall Street Journal)

Some of the millennials Ms. Carr helps are saving money, she says, but tend to have goals that are somewhat immediate and lifestyle-oriented, such as finding the money to travel. “It’s not all about your accumulation of wealth,” she adds.

Generally – this isn’t just millennials – we’re very bad at prioritizing future well-being over current well-being. Companies mentioned in this article are trying to change that – in the financial world – for millennials.


Re-engaging With William Kahn 25 Years After He Coined Term Employee Engagement (Workforce)

Although a popular talking point now, the term “employee engagement” is relatively new. Professor William Kahn of Boston University coined “engagement” in terms of the workforce setting 25 years ago in his 1990 paper, “Psychological Conditions of Personal Engagement and Disengagement at Work.”

Not much has changed in terms of the challenges that companies face with employee engagement: How much freedom do you give to your employees to manage and own their careers while trying to meet goals/targets set by managers and organizations?


‘Tis The Season to Use Your Vacation Days (Globoforce)

“Americans are taking less vacation than at any point in the last forty years–just 16 vacation days today, down from an average of over 20 days taken 15 years ago.This ‘lost week’ of vacation “is wiping out vacation traditions and taking a heavy toll, particularly on children.”

Taking vacation time is so important – especially if you have children. Make sure you’re taking some time off this holiday season as it may actually be beneficial for your work and the business.


Our Star Wars Review: “The Force Awakens” Embraces Millennials Without Pandering (Fast Company)

When Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) grabbed a laser gun in the original Star Warsmovie (Episode IV), it told the audience in 1977 that, yes, women could also be strong and take initiative. The Force Awakens doesn’t have to establish that lead hero Rey (Daisy Ridley) is capable.

A fun review of how the Star Wars of today has adapted to the millennial generation. The author does a great job comparing the flat organizational structure of the Resistance with the Dark Side’s hierarchical structure.


Telltale Signs Employees Are Not Engaged (Forbes)

According to Mechlinski, “When employees lack engagement, deadlines start getting missed. Meetings start or end late. People start throwing out ‘The T Word,’ trust.” You might hear an employee say they don’t trust that their colleague will deliver as promised.

If you treat your employees like your clients and your clients like your employees as the article suggests, you begin to create an ecosystem of collaboration, trust, and ownership that becomes a virtuous cycle. Good read with more links to resources.

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