The Links of the Week are the top articles from my Twitter feed along with some handpicked articles that I think are #MustReads. My favourite this week was #3 – an interview with Shawn Murphy about optimistic workplaces. There are a lot of actionable tidbits you can apply in your workplace from that article. Enjoy!


The Secret to Building a Startup Culture that Lasts (Forbes)

Resilience – or the ability to reframe challenges and minimize the negative impacts of stress – is a vital component of any startup culture.

It costs a lot to replace someone on a team and it hurts even more when you’re in a startup. This article has some good advice on how you can create a resilient culture by establishing your values early, being transparent, and fostering connections.


The Two Sides of Employee Engagement (Harvard Business Review)

For the most part, companies oversimplify things by viewing personal satisfaction as a proxy for engagement. As a result, they miss key behavioral signals.

Just because Mary feels good about her manager doesn’t mean it’s converting into higher productivity. It’s important that engagement isn’t just measured as low-medium-high because it misses the impact that engagement is having on a company’s goals and metrics.


Creating an Optimistic Workplace — Interview with Shawn Murphy (Actionable Books)

Leaders have the greatest influence on employees’ work experience. So it’s natural that they be the solution to the problems that ail the modern workplace.

In a 2014 LinkedIn study that surveyed 18,000 people, only 15% of the respondents said they were satisfied with their jobs. It’s a big challenge Shawn Murphy has some great ideas on how we can create a more optimistic and meaningful workplace. Leadership is a big part of the solution.


What Every Millennial Can Learn From Steve Jobs About Success (Fortune)

Looking back, I would give myself the same advice offered by the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Following your passion is important but remember that it’s a journey. Your passion may require to learn, fail, and grow in different ways before you fully realize a career that allows you live your passion. Be curious and stay curious.


Excel in Employee Engagement During Onboarding for Better Performance (Business 2 Community)

Almost 50% of potential employees explore company materials (like their careers website) to get a feel for the company’s values and cultural fit. For employers, this means “cultural onboarding” needs to start long before an employee starts working for you

Great onboarding can be the difference between retaining all-star talent or a short, disappointing stint for the employee. A more proactive, friendly, and longer onboarding could hold they keys to a better onboardin experience.

Some great articles this week. Thank you to those that liked, re-tweeted, or commented on the posts. Looking forward to next week’s roundup!