Links of the Week is a selection of articles and blog posts about #EmployeeEngagement and #Millennials that were the most popular on my Twitter feed this week. I’ve added some personal thoughts and opinions to the links below as well. Enjoy!

The Secret To Employee Engagement Is Shoves And Tugs (Forbes)

Great article. The author makes a really good distinction between a “shove” and a “tug” and shares an important lesson on why you should be aware on when to use a “tug” at the right time. Must read.

Opportunity cost of employee engagement (WorldStage News)

Why should you care about #EmployeeEngagement? This article has a great summary of the impact that an engaged culture has on a company.

Why Your Sustainability Strategy Can Be Pivotal to Employee Engagement (TriplePundit)

More than 70 percent of millennials expect their employers to focus on societal or mission-driven problems; 70 percent want to be creative at work,” according to the Deloitte U.S. Leadership 2014 Core Beliefs Culture Survey.

Great article by the Director of Environment and Government Affairs at Tetra Pak explaining the rationale behind coming the mission of the company with environmental sustainability. Not to mention, more Millennials are looking for companies that are thinking about this when they job hunt.

How tech-savvy millennials humanize your workplace (Fortune)

Millennials aren’t just technology lovers. They want technology that adapts to their needs. The article makes the case that Millennials are helping to advance the way technology is being used in the workplace… for the better.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!