Links of the Week is a selection of articles and blog posts about #EmployeeEngagement and #Millennials that were the most popular on my Twitter feed this week. I’ve added some personal thoughts and opinions to the links below as well. Enjoy!

Millennials are saving – but they’re doing it the wrong way (MarketWatch)

Props to millennials for saving money – about 85% of us put away a portion of our pay cheques. On the flip side, only 26% of those under 30 years old are investing in stocks. A troubling stat since we still have time on our side to reap the rewards.

Companies Surveyed Flunk Employee Engagement (Human Resource Executive Daily)

Out of the six stages this study had setup to measure the maturity of employee engagement, only 19% ended up in the top two stages. The businesses that were studied all had at least 1000 employees. Is there a correlation between the size of the business and employee engagement?

The Chemistry of Building Better Habits (James Clear)

A great article on the importance of starting small with your habits and creating the right environmental triggers to keep you on track. I love reading his stuff.

Why You Should Put Your Workforce to Sleep (globoforce)

There are more studies out now about the importance of sleep and the impact that sleep deprivation can have on your life (re: depression, stroke, and even early death). So how do we combat this “badge of honor” impression we have for not getting enough sleep and how do we help solve this for our workforce? The article suggests a few ideas.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!