Links of the Week is a selection of articles and blog posts about #EmployeeEngagement and #Millennials that were the most popular on my Twitter feed this week. I’ve added some personal thoughts and opinions to the links below as well. Enjoy!

Mortgages for Millennials (New York Times)

Interesting piece on how millennial tech savy-ness and want for transparency is changing the mortgage industry. If you’re in finance, look out.

We’re Making Life Too Hard for Millennials (New York Times)

Great opinion piece. Really highlights how rough millennials have it at the moment. It’s hard to believe that the median net worth for millennials has dropped by 43% since 1995.

‘Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday’ (Human Resource Executive)

Some insight into Discover (the credit card company) and their employee engagement efforts.

Millennials Expected to Change Benefits Landscape (Business Insurance)

I thought this was interesting, “many millennials see themselves as leaders, but at the same time they want training and coaching…professional development, in every survey I ever looked at, trumps money.”

Here’s Why Millennials Want to Work Part-Time (PayScale Human Capital)

“A recent study conducted by Accenture found that a mere 15 percent of 2015 college graduates want to work for large corporations, and ‘they would prefer to work at a company with a positive social atmosphere and receive a lower salary, than receive higher pay at a company that is less fun.'” Boom.

That’s it for this week. See you next week!