Links of the Week is a selection of three articles about #EmployeeEngagement and #Millennials that were the most popular on my Twitter feed this week.

1. Improve outcomes by connecting the employee and customer experience (Computer World)

69.4% of companies do not measure employee experience at all.

Solid article on the importance of technology in delivering a better employee experience. Also includes some actionable tips around how to incorporate technology and communication into your business. I’ve seen more and more studies come out now that indicate that the key competitive differentiator in today’s world is how engaged your employees are. Engaged employees are much more attentive to the needs of the customer and deliver an experience that goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations. Customers in today’s world are looking for that experience.

2. How Software Will Transform Employee Engagement (Forbes)

An Officevibe study pointed out that 65% of employees would prefer more frequent feedback, even if that feedback came as little as once a week.

Keeping in sync with the technology theme this week, here is another article from Forbes. We’ve seen technology significantly impact business units like sales, marketing, and customer service in the past couple of decades. Now, the article argues, we’re seeing technology impact the HR department. The article provides some examples of companies that provide services in incentives, feedback systems, and mentorship that will help improve employee engagement.

3. Are Millennials Ruining the World? (Business 2 Community)

Millennials aren’t the problem and they are—because they are part of the natural cycle of societal evolution.

I loved this article. Finally, somebody explaining how societies have always categorized “young people” as being irresponsible, lazy, and selfish. To categorize “Millennials” in that way is unfair especially because we’re such a diverse (and humongous) generation. The quotes from Socrates to Seneca to Peter the Hermit all illustrate that this is just all part of being in a society where we have young people.

Hope you enjoyed this roundup! See you next week.