Your facilitator: Peter Nakamura

Peter is a Design Sprint facilitator focused on bringing more fun, creativity and innovation into the workplace.

From startups to social enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, Peter has worked in a variety of organizations to help grow and scale their impact.

Preview a Design Sprint experience with a virtual workshop.

Frame Your Business Challenge with Design Thinking

In this 1.5-hour workshop, you’ll be introduced to two core Design Sprint exercises to frame your business challenge. You’ll walk away with clarity about the biggest questions you need to answer from the perspective of your customers.

Friday, February 19th @ 11:30am-1pm ET (NYC/Toronto)

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Concept Sketching & Lightning Demos

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll rapidly develop and iterate on multiple ideas using two Design Sprint exercises. You’ll walk away with at least 8 new ideas and more confidence on what solution you should prototype for your business.

Friday, March 19th @ 12-2pm ET (NYC/Toronto)

Registration opening shortly.

Recommended to have completed the Frame Your Business Challenge workshop prior.

Lightning Decision Jam

In this 1.5 hour team-based workshop, you and your team will go through a structured ideation and decision-making process to solve any challenge you might be facing. Your team will walk away with greater alignment and a feeling of excitement to implement the solution.

Flexible schedule. Please leave an inquiry here.

Past workshop participants have said:

Peter’s Design Thinking workshop took simple and easy to understand concepts, and presented them in a way that “clicked”. Being in management in the corporate world, strategy design is a common task of mine, and having yet another approach such as a Design Thinking framework to lean on in my “toolbox” will allow for even more innovation and creativity when solving complex problems. Thank you Peter for the insight!

Samantha Wallace, Manager, Sales Enablement at PointClickCare

In one short hour, I was able to reframe all of my obstacles into opportunities – reframed this way, next steps became crystal clear!

Heather Chavin, Founder & CEO, GoGoDone