Peter Nakamura

Founder & Facilitator

What I believe in

As a Design Sprint Facilitator, I’m passionate about helping teams operationalize innovation and creativity with their most pressing challenges.

Using the Design Sprint method developed by Google Ventures, I help teams identify the root cause of a problem, generate a range of ideas, prototype a solution, and test it with real clients in 5 days.

With speed and agility being the keywords in today’s volatile environment, the Sprint process allows for teams to launch new products, strategies, and processes faster than any other approach available.

As a facilitator, I bring over a decade of experience designing and executing sales strategy with teams that have exceeded their quotas. I’ve spent the last five years working with startups in the Learning & Development space, and have experience launching large-scale culture change programs with Fortune 500 companies.

Alongside my sales & marketing experience, I have implemented business tools such as Salesforce and Infusionsoft to help organizations collaborate faster and scale their impact.

Where I come from

I have a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. I’ve continued my education at Juno College of Technology for a web development program (HTML & CSS) and graduated from Seth Godin’s altMBA in 2019.

Away from work, I host a podcast called The Ikigai Project where I interview interesting people about what drives their purpose in life. I’m often found punishing – I mean pushing! – myself at my CrossFit classes.

Fun fact about me

I was born and raised in Kobe, Japan – home of the Kobe beef! I speak fluent Japanese and have a certificate in intermediate-level Spanish from Queen’s University.