Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my personal blog.

This site was created as a platform for me to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. As someone who is still fairly young (I’m in my 30s now) I thought that recording some of my experiences and insights through a blog would be a great idea. On this site, I get to share with you inspiring articles, an assortment life hacks, and ways that I’m trying to create true meaning in my life.

I’m currently the Director of Sales Development at Box of Crayons. The majority of my (happily) “squiggly” career has been at the intersection of technology and people development which has included stops at WE Charity, Salesforce, and Actionable. At Box of Crayons, I help companies implement 10-minute coaching skills so managers can build stronger teams & get better results.

Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, I moved to Toronto, Canada with my family at the age of 12. Personally, I love the science of behaviour change and it dovetails well with this blog which is all about personal development. I curate the very best content from experts from around the world along with providing my “twist” on things.

The tag line is “One Guy’s Journey to Craft His Purpose”.

It’s an ambitious title but I’m hoping to chip away at this journey one step at a time. Hopefully, along the way, I’ll be brave enough to share with you my deepest fears and emotional challenges. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in this over the last couple of years and the lessons learned will can hopefully help you in your journey.

My philosophy on personal growth starts with awareness. When you practice things like meditation, journaling, or reading, you create a new level of awareness about yourself and about the world.

With greater awareness comes insight – a culmination of your learnings. Do you have those moments in the shower where you go “a-ha!”? Those are mini moments of insight.

Which leads to the next part of the cycle: the choice to change your behaviour. Hey, some of us just prefer sitting on the couch over running a marathon. It’s your life. You made the choice and you have to be comfortable living with it.

Finally, there’s the hardest part (or maybe easiest part for some) which is taking action. Nothing starts until you decide to take that first step. And not only take that first step but continue to track your progress. While it’s only one fourth of the step involved, taking action and having that turn into meaningful change can take weeks, months, or maybe years.

Here’s a look at the model in visual form:

Evernote Snapshot 20170705 224127.png
The “Growth Cycle”. Hat tip to my friend Matt Tod for inspiring this model.

The best part about this model is that it’s a circle. With more action you take, the more awareness you gain. You build on the foundation and the learnings build on each other almost like a savings account with compound interest!

So how can you get the most out of this blog?

I think the best way is to start a conversation. If you see something you find interesting, please leave a comment and your viewpoint. I’d love to engage with you in dialogue to dig deeper into the topic. You’re also welcome to shoot me an email – peter@peternakamura.com.

What’s the end game?

The cool part about the internet is that all of this stuff will live on for perpetuity. It’s amazing to know that many others (maybe even my children and grandchildren) can learn more about who I was, what I believed, and maybe even take a few ideas to apply to their own lives. I like the legacy aspect of this. I’m not doing it for that purpose right now – it’s much more selfish – but it’s nice to know that others might benefit from this.

Whether you happened to stumble across this on the interwebs or if you deliberately arrived here, thanks for taking the time. I hope to meet you at some point and thanks for the contribution you’re making to the world.

Yours truly,



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