Popular links of the week:

How Seth Godin Manages His Life – Rules, Principles, and Obsessions (FourHourWorkWeek.com)

Is imposter syndrome a sign of greatness? (Quartz)

Productivity tip of the week:

If you consider yourself an intermediate user of a Mac, check out Master Your Mac. For $5/month you get weekly tips via email to take your Mac efficiency to the next level.

A Seneca quote that’s inspiring me:

Begin at once to live and count each separate day as a separate life.

A product/service I’m loving:


This brand new app allows you to interact with your news as if you were texting somebody about the news. It’s innovative and engaging. Free to use as well.

A documentary I’m enjoying:

No recommendation today but I’m committing to watching at least one documentary per week to improve my understanding of the world around me. Netflix is a great source for quality documentaries. I’ll report back with any interesting documentaries right here!

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