The 4 Core Principles of the Design Sprint Process

And how it drives more innovation than meetings. When it comes to innovation, meetings don’t have a great reputation. Research compiled by TED shows that “50% of people find meetings to be unproductive” and “25% of meetings are spent discussing irrelevant issues.” There’s real economic impact for bad meetings too. According to the same researchContinue reading “The 4 Core Principles of the Design Sprint Process”

Peter’s Links of the Week (Jan. 10-16)

Links of the week: Creating a Culture Where Employees Speak Up (Harvard Business Review) The Akrasia Effect: Why We Don’t Follow Through on What We Set Out to Do (And What to Do About It) (James Clear) We Learn More When We Learn Together (Harvard Business Review) Millennials Do Not Actually Hate Meetings, Survey Says (Small Business Trends) Cool tipContinue reading “Peter’s Links of the Week (Jan. 10-16)”